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If you live in the Chicago area or are planning a visit from anywhere in the world, you should call or e-mail Evelyn to book an unique and exciting tour. As you stroll down the isle of any store, Evelyn will answer all of your questions about all of the exotic ingredients. Not only will she tell you how it is prepared but also it's discovery, cultural history and any unique properties. Be sure to bring an appetite, along w some extra change, because you will be sampling and tasting lots of things. Many people stock up on ethnic grocery supplies and/or plan to do some of their holiday gift shopping on the tour.

It's sometimes hard to keep this page up to date about Evelyn. In addition to helping run her husband's computer consulting business, she now also teaches a course entitled "Food and Culture" at the University of Illinois (Chicago)in the Department of Human Nutrition.

Media Appearances
  • Chicago Tribune's Grand in-town Tour (9/13/95) featured Evelyn's Chicago Ethnic Grocery Tours
  • Chicago Tribune's Global Takeout: Good Eating (4/24/96) was written by Evelyn and which marked the debut of the first full color version of the Tribune food pages.
  • WGN TV news showed a segment as part of their Chicago Asian Week segment
  • Best OF (Indian Restaurants and Snackshops) on the Cable Cooking Channel's segment on Chicago
  • Food & Wine Magazine listed her unique tours in the May 1999 issue
  • Cooking Light wrote about her tour in the March 2000 issue
  • Chicago Reader March 22, 2002 issue, section 2 pg 38 entitled: Making the Rounds with a Grocery Guru (this article is about her work with the Chicago Tourism Bureau)
  • Local Palate had an article about Evelyn written by Beth Hartzell in this local Chicago newspaper in the May-June 2002 issue entitled: City Culture -Nibbling Through the Neighborhoods
  • AAA Home & Away Magazine has a wonderful 2 page article about Evelyn's Ethnic Grocery Tours written by Jack McGuire (Nov/Dec 2002 issue on pages 17a-18a) entitled: Food Tour Sampler -Multicultural delights are discovered on culinary adventures in Chicago ( this article is for some reason not shown in the table of contents)
  • Chicago Tribune 2003 Good Eating Award. Evelyn has been honored with this special award for her contribution to Chicago's Food Culture with her unique and excellent tours. The photo below shows from left to right: Carol Haddix (Tribune Food Editor, Evelyn J. Thompson, Dean Richards (WGN Radio), and Amanda Puck (original host of Checks Please PBS TV show, daughter of Wolfgang Puck)

  • Good Eating Award thumbnail
  • Washington Post Travel Section (May 30, 2004) featured the article Chicago: To Ethnic Markets We Go written by Catherine Arnold. "After a food tour of Chicago with Evelyn Thompson, it's impossible to look at an ethnic grocery in quite the same way." You can read the on-line version of the article by clicking HERE

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