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Digital Photography has become much more affordable than ever, it's easy to learn and the level of quality has improved tremendously in just the last year. Just snapping a picture with the most affordable cameras almost guarantees a level of quality that puts film based snapshot cameras to shame and it just keeps getting better. This range of high quality begins with affordable beginner level cameras, improves with advanced/semi-pro consumer (prosumer) level cameras and reaches the highest quality with the professional level cameras that use standard interchangeable SLR lenses. For prints up to 8x10 inches the middle to top end digital cameras will rival the output of the best 35mm film cameras -and in some cases the lack of grain produces a smoothness that is unmatched by film based camera output.

What is so Great about digital photography?

1. See your photos immediately. Right after you take a photo you can review them on the LCD screen of your digital camera. Download to your computer and view them on a large computer display. With many cameras you can even view your photos by connecting your camera right to any of the newer TV sets that have a video input (RCA connector on the front or the back of the set).

2. No more buying film or paying for development. After your initial investment for camera, high capacity storage media (digital film), extra rechargeable batteries, and possibly a battery charger, you can take thousands and thousands of pictures at no additional cost. No waiting for development, no lost films, no more buying film or paying for development. You simply move or copy your photos from the digital film (Smartmedia, Compact Flash, or Microdrive) to your computer's hard drive and then reuse the digital film over and over again

3. No more scanning of photos in order to e-mail them. Your pictures are in digital format right out of the camera and they are of far higher quality than if you scanned them. Even better than if you paid a lot of money for the highest quality scanning done at special labs.

4. The Digital Camera is the greatest tool for learning photography. If you are a beginner to photography -there is no better way to learn photography than by taking lots and lots of pictures and seeing the results immediately.

5. The Digital Camera is "Freedom for Advanced/Pro Photographers". If you are an advanced student of photography or a professional photographer you will love the feeling of freedom you'll have with digital photography. Take as many photos as you want! Don't bother having to pack extra film, worry about indoor vs outdoor color film, nor do you have to carry black and white film with you. If you have a 1Gb IBM Microdrive in your camera you will have 500 to 1000 shots available before having to download. Now you can focus on the Art of Photography and far less on the machinery of photography. Instant review of those critical shots - you won't have to shoot Polaroids to check exposures. If you think the darkroom allows you control over your images, wait till your try out the Digital Darkroom!

Caveat, if you work with large format cameras, then you will have to await future Digital Camera advances before trading in your film camera. The resolution obtained with large format film is currently unmatched by the current Digital Camera resolution.

6. Have fun in your own Digital Darkroom —No more messy, wet, dangerous chemicals. If you think taking digital photos allows you to awaken the Visual Artist in you, wait till you get your hands on the Digital Darkroom Tools. Correct, Modify, Edit, Transform, Tweak your photos until they are absolutely gorgeous. Exactly how you imagined they should look. Or maybe completely new and different than even you had imagined —even more amazing and novel than you had planned. Convert any of your full color photos to black and white, or Duo Tone. Or perhaps you'd like to give a new photo that aged, turn of the century look? You want it? You've got it. It's all within your easy reach with your Digital Darkroom.

YES, that sounds great, but do I have to spend a fortune? NO, right now you can get excellent pictures with a camera that costs under $300. Cameras in this range have 3x optical zoom and take pictures composed of 1600x1200 pixels -a high enough resolution that is so large it will have to be scrolled in order to see the full photo on just about everyone's computer display screen and will give you a very fine 8x6 inch printed copy. Click on the Basics button on the menu bar on top left, before going on to Cameras. There you will find an example taken with a Fuji FinePix 2600Z camera which costs less than $300.

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Why should you come to TCC Photographics for Consulting & Digital Cameras Purchases?

Digital cameras are sold at discount electronics stores (Best Buy, WalMart etc.) as well as traditional film camera stores. Salespeople at Discount Electronics stores know very little about computers and even less about photography and cameras. If you get lucky you may find a salesperson who has learned some of the specs of a particular product. Obviously that is not enough to help you make an informed decision about a very complex subject. In any case the salesperson has little or no experience with the full extent of digital photography.

The salespeople at traditional Camera Stores generally know quite a bit about traditional film cameras and photography in general. What they lack is experience about computers and depth of knowledge about digital photography.

At TCC Digital Photographics we know a lot about both Computers (we troubleshoot, build and repair) and Digital Photography. Imagine! our advice is based on knowledge, experience and expertise. We know what we're talking about!

  • We have a lots of experience with traditional film (darkrooms, enlargers etc).
  • We have been using digital cameras since 1999
  • We understand the difference between casual and serious photography
  • We have tried, tested and used a large variety of digital graphics software.
  • We teach Photoshop ( Photoshop Lite, Elements as well as the full Photoshop program!)
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